Data Visualization

In addition to my work on the political economy of development, I also design visualizations that communicate patterns in complicated data to the public. At this link, you’ll find a few of my recent contributions, inlcuding an article on the makeup of the new US Congress featured in USA Today.

IDP Camps, Land, and Vote Buying

I use a randomized response experiment to show that returned IDPs in Northern Uganda are often targeted with vote buying.

The Demand for Aid

I develop a conjoint equilibrium model for understanding citizen demand for aid in Africa, providing a frameworking for unifying experimental estimates of citizen preferences for aid projects with political incentives from the perspective of governing elites.


As a teaching assistant:

  • Politics of the Developing World
    • Lectures given on Conflict and Development and The State and Development
  • Religion, Beliefs, and World Affiars
  • International Negotiations

As a workshop instructor:

  • Causal Inference using Conjoint Analysis
  • Introduction to Spatial Data and GIS
  • Document Processing with LaTeX and knitr